Saturday, March 31, 2012

losing my wisdom

It finally happened. I have been dreading this day for years. Today i got my wisdom teeth out....and you know what? it wasn't bad at all. My grandpa is an amazing dentist he was done it 10 min! and my grandma was a wonderful assistant ha. I just love them! The worst part? Has been being numb for 7 hours  and uncontrollably drooling all over my bed. But now the numbness is gone and other then some swelling and the fact that im starved, I'm doing great!  My cute dog and wonderful husband have been taking care of me all day. It actually been kind of fun! I know i look miserable in the picture but im not... i would have smiled but i would have drooled everywhere. Heres hoping things don't start going down hill :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

home tour!!

I haven’t posted any pictures of our new house yet… shame on me I know. So! Here are some pictures I had on my phone, they are not the best quality but you get the idea…

Family room/living room

Our bedroom but mostly Claire but like I said before you get the idea

Our bare kitchen this picture was taken like the 2nd day we got the house.

Another picture of the living room

Dining room
New rug!!! This is my favorite thing right now seriously I love this thing probably to much

One of our new couches.
Now these are all pictures from pinterest that I plan on eventually adding to our home. Like…

This round coffee table to go with our round rug. Right now we have this little leather ottoman that is in pretty bad shape.

Fabric for more pillows…. I love pillows we already have WAY to many but we need more color in the living room

My future office! I plan on replicating everything in this room. I think it’s perfect.

Target Lamp only 60 bucks!

New wall color for living room and office
Wall sconces instead of lamps for bedroom

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Football football football

Football has taken over my life. Its all I ever think about. Not because im some over the top fan but because football could determine the next 10-15 years of my life. Sam left for Vegas today for try outs!! Fingers crossed! On a different note...I spent the day with my family. I got to go shopping with Amy, Kort, and Keaton.(i got a new necklace! its in the picture 6 bucks!) Then Amy and I met up with the rest of the family to watch Joe compete in the Mr.PHS which he won! Yay Joe! Now im back home alone....Being home alone really makes me realize how much i miss my Sam. He's
incredible, im so happy he's a part of my life. I miss him so much already. But on the bright side this means i get to have a sleep over with Aims im so excited! Anyways.... till next time everyone goodnight!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

up and coming

(Picture is of my amazing cousin Hayley, Amy , Keaton and I. We went rock climbing last week up at rock canyon I LOVE these girls!!)
Sam and I have a lot of exciting things coming up! Like….
-tonight I finally get my concealed weapons permit! I could not be more excited! This means #3 on my new year’s resolution list will finally be checked off. Yay!
-the Hunger Games is finally coming out! And thanks to my amazing sister Chloe we get to see it this weekend!  
-My stud of a little brother is competing in the Mr. PHS competition. This includes a swimsuit competition…. And yes I convinced him to wear the cowboy hat and boots with a speedo haha…..SO excited!!!
-My mom and I started training for our first race yesterday! My mom is amazing I would do just about anything to get to spend time with her! Yes this includes attempting to run for fun.
-Last but certainly not least. Sam has been invited to try out for the CFL (Canadian Football League) it’s like Canada’s NFL. He has a tryout this Sunday in Vegas and one next week in Texas. If he makes it we (or just him) will be moving to Canada. AH! Am I excited? Yes! Do I want him to make it? Maybe… Is this incredibly selfish of me? YES. There are some potential major life changes heading our way and to be completely honest I’m not sure I’m quite ready for them.

Friday, February 24, 2012

yes i am mooning you

You can see my butt right? Ya… this is the angle Amy had of me the majority of the way down.  But do you think I was going to let go of the rope to fix it? NOPE.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

200 footer

Over the weekend I got to visit my little sister in St. George. It was the best weekend ever! I’ve missed this girl so much! So getting to spend every second with her for the last 3 days is exactly what I needed. The first day I was down there Amy had to work, so I tagged along. Doesn’t sound like much fun right? WRONG! She works as an outdoor recreation guide. (Lucky duck I wish I could have a job like that) so tagging along to her work was SO much fun. Guess what I got to do? Rappel!  I’ve never been! I’ve been rock climbing but never rappelling!  I was so excited! We did some beginner ones at first I rocked it and was feeling like a pro until she showed me what cliff we really came out to do. This sucker has a 200 foot drop… I know that doesn’t sound like that much but believe me this thing was terrifying (especially for me and my fear of heights). I can handle 60-80 footer because if you fall you’ll probably just break a leg, but if you fell off this one you would be dead on impact. I was mortified. I watched several of her friends go down it, some went down face first (no joke) some jumped off the cliff only to catch themselves 20 feet above the ground others stopped mid-way through the rappel and swung on the rope. I would have felt like the biggest baby in the world if didn’t go. So I did. But I made Amy go with me haha. She was right by the side the entire way down.  We didn’t have anybody to belay us so if something would have gone wrong we would have plummeted to our deaths. I didn’t wear gloves so my hands were on fire about half way down and it was hard to hold on to the rope. But I made it. Thank goodness! And it was a blast! I would love to do this kind of thing more often! I just need to find a buddy that enjoys it as much as I do, because there is no way I would ever get Sam to do it with me (I’ve tried several times).

My sister is amazing. We spend every night in our twin beds talking until all hours of the night; it was just like old times. I so wish I could be more like her!  She always lives life to the fullest and is ALWAYS happy. Seeing her and how happy she is down there made me wish I wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to grow up. I was engaged at her age. Crazy huh? I was just a baby and still am! I wish I would have taken a second to enjoy my college years and high school years for that matter! I’ve always rushed through life. I’ve never really stopped to just breathe and have fun it seems like. But I’m happy where I ended up! It’s not too late to have fun right? To be adventurous? I hope not.

I didn’t want to leave St. George which is weird. I’m normally a home body I get home sick after an hour or two of being out of town. I LOVED every second with Amy and I plan to go down so much more often from here on out. But at the same time I was excited to come back and see my little familyJ. This was literally the best weekend ever! It was such an eye opening experience for me.

p.s. I will have pictures of amy and i going off the cliff i just haven't gotten them yet! and this picture doesn't do the the rappell justice, this is not the entire thing! the picture only shows a little over half of it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


For Valentine’s Day….

Sam got me ice-cream (this boy knows me all too well) he said got me the “touchdown” kind in hopes that it would help me like football a little bit more haha

He also got me flowers!

Grandma and Grandpa “kicked” us a valentine last night! They rang the doorbell and then hid in the neighbors bushes after I opened the door grandma came running out from the bushes screaming “I just kicked you a valentine sar!” They are just the cutest; I think they are the only ones who still doorbell ditch valentines.  

We didn’t do anything fancy for dinner, we didn’t really want to fight the crowds. So we got a papa murphy’s heart pizza and watch Alcatraz on hulu, it really was just a lazy perfect night.

Sam and Claire, I love these two!

I never include pictures of me… like ever. So here’s one of me too ha.