Saturday, March 31, 2012

losing my wisdom

It finally happened. I have been dreading this day for years. Today i got my wisdom teeth out....and you know what? it wasn't bad at all. My grandpa is an amazing dentist he was done it 10 min! and my grandma was a wonderful assistant ha. I just love them! The worst part? Has been being numb for 7 hours  and uncontrollably drooling all over my bed. But now the numbness is gone and other then some swelling and the fact that im starved, I'm doing great!  My cute dog and wonderful husband have been taking care of me all day. It actually been kind of fun! I know i look miserable in the picture but im not... i would have smiled but i would have drooled everywhere. Heres hoping things don't start going down hill :)


Staci T said...

Poor baby:( we are bringing Popsicles ASAP.

His Little Lady said...

ha, you are too funny! and even after all of this, you look gorgeous! i still have to get mine out. been putting it off for quite some time!
xo TJ