Thursday, March 22, 2012

up and coming

(Picture is of my amazing cousin Hayley, Amy , Keaton and I. We went rock climbing last week up at rock canyon I LOVE these girls!!)
Sam and I have a lot of exciting things coming up! Like….
-tonight I finally get my concealed weapons permit! I could not be more excited! This means #3 on my new year’s resolution list will finally be checked off. Yay!
-the Hunger Games is finally coming out! And thanks to my amazing sister Chloe we get to see it this weekend!  
-My stud of a little brother is competing in the Mr. PHS competition. This includes a swimsuit competition…. And yes I convinced him to wear the cowboy hat and boots with a speedo haha…..SO excited!!!
-My mom and I started training for our first race yesterday! My mom is amazing I would do just about anything to get to spend time with her! Yes this includes attempting to run for fun.
-Last but certainly not least. Sam has been invited to try out for the CFL (Canadian Football League) it’s like Canada’s NFL. He has a tryout this Sunday in Vegas and one next week in Texas. If he makes it we (or just him) will be moving to Canada. AH! Am I excited? Yes! Do I want him to make it? Maybe… Is this incredibly selfish of me? YES. There are some potential major life changes heading our way and to be completely honest I’m not sure I’m quite ready for them.


chloƩ said...

did you find someone to take sam's spot? i am jealous! sean and i want to get ours too! and i cannot wait for the Hunger Games! it's going to be so fun! are you guys going to come to Paradise Bakery at 7:30 before the movie? you should! and i am so excited for you and Sam! This is such an incredible opportunity for both of you! i know that whatever happens, it will be for the best! you guys are so awesome. i love you both so much!

chloƩ said...

oh and i was going to say, i got confirmation that the eyelash stuff is in new york... (it came from india... haha) so hopefully i will get it soon! i'll make sure to get you your bottles asap! :)

Jenny Lee said...

um, if you guys move...i might just die a little inside. but, it really is a great opportunity. and what race are you guys planning for? i want to run a 5k sometimes soon, its been too long. we need to play. the end.

Devin & Katie said...

so much exciting news!!! I knew Sam played football, but WOW!! he must be incredible! that's so awesome! we will be at the hunger games too! i can't wait to finally see this movie!!! you are awesome! (i used so many exclamation points... haha!)