Tuesday, March 27, 2012

home tour!!

I haven’t posted any pictures of our new house yet… shame on me I know. So! Here are some pictures I had on my phone, they are not the best quality but you get the idea…

Family room/living room

Our bedroom but mostly Claire but like I said before you get the idea

Our bare kitchen this picture was taken like the 2nd day we got the house.

Another picture of the living room

Dining room
New rug!!! This is my favorite thing right now seriously I love this thing probably to much

One of our new couches.
Now these are all pictures from pinterest that I plan on eventually adding to our home. Like…

This round coffee table to go with our round rug. Right now we have this little leather ottoman that is in pretty bad shape.

Fabric for more pillows…. I love pillows we already have WAY to many but we need more color in the living room

My future office! I plan on replicating everything in this room. I think it’s perfect.

Target Lamp only 60 bucks!

New wall color for living room and office
Wall sconces instead of lamps for bedroom


Jenna & Joey said...

So cute!

chloé said...

It looks so good sarah! I love it!!

dutchishgirl said...

Your house is so pretty! And so new! Good job with decorations!

Matt said...

I love the blinds ;)